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Nazar Muhammad chohan

Nazar Muhammad Chohan comes from Lahore- Pakistan. Due to persecutions back home in his country, he lives on self exile in United States of America....

Chohan served in Elite civil services of Pakistan for almost twenty years. Had been Chairman of the two Boards, Punjab Cooperatives Board for Liquidation and Punjab Privatization Board. Served for three years in National Accountability Bureau of Pakistan as Additional Director.

Chohan after resigning from Civil Services, practiced law for couple of years and later on switched to International trade. His Private Limited Company World Trade Net (Pvt) Ltd,  is corporate member of Lahore Chamber of Commerce, Pakistan..

Reading and writing is his passion. Chohan is more in to social media blogging these days. Spirituality and Mindfulness are the most interesting topics of his blogs besides Pakistan Affairs and International Relations. 

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www.linkedin.com/nazar chohan 

Whatsapp : + 17329863308

Email : nazarchauhan@gmail.com

42 A . Garfield Park,

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